Food and drink: Red Mountain Vineyard, Inle Lake

Perfectly perched on a hill overlooking Inle Lake, the Red Mountain Vineyard is one of the best places in Myanmar to put your feet up and enjoy a glass (or bottle!) of locally made wine. We appreciate this is not something you would usually associate with a trip to Myanmar, but the cool climate and nutrient rich soil have all helped to create some unique varieties of wine.

Wine barrel on cart

A Red Mountain wine barrel on wooden cart

Over 400,000 plants from France and Spain have been specially selected to ensure the wine is created using only the finest of grapes.

As a result if the vineyard being just over a decade old, Red Mountain are still trying to determine which varieties responds best to the soil and climate – from the current selection, Tour Mandalay strongly recommend trying the Syrah (Shiraz), Shiraz Tempranillo and Sauvignon Blanc.

Red Mountain's Shiraz Tempranillo

Red Mountain’s Shiraz Tempranillo – one of Tour Mandalay’s favourites

If you want to try out all of the varieties for yourself, you can do so by purchasing a $2 tasting set. A lot of Tour Mandalay’s clients often comment that the offering is basic however and you are better off going with a large glass or full bottle. A bottle of our preferred choice, the Shiraz Tempranillo, set us back just over $14 last time, so it is extremely good value when you take in the view.

View from Red Mountain

Red Mountain’s restaurant commands a magnificent view over Inle Lake and the surrounding area

We think it is fair to say that the view from Red Mountain is one of the best views in the area, especially if you are able to time your visit for sunset – it has a tendency to get crowded during this time however so make sure you arrive early. Depending on your time of arrival, Tour Mandalay also like to suggest visiting the vineyard shortly after landing into Nyaungshwe – doing so will provide you with an unforgettable view of the lake.

If you can, be sure to grab a seat outside in the shade. There are only a few, so again, it will be necessary to arrive early or patiently wait until some free up.

Red Mountain seat with a shade

Be sure to arrive early to secure a seat with a shade

Whilst it is becoming more and more popular, a visit to Red Mountain vineyard is well worth your while.
Nothing beats that feeling of drinking a slightly chilled glass of red, whilst looking out onto a magnificent view of Inle Lake and the surrounding vineyard. Tour Mandalay find this experience extremely rewarding, especially if you plan your visit close to the end of your time in Myanmar. Doing so will provide you with the perfect chance to relax, unwind and reflect upon your travel experience to date.



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