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Tour Mandalay recommends: Hpa-an Lodge (Hpa-an)

Located at the foot of the domineering Zwegabin Mountain, Hpa-an Lodge is far enough away from the town centre for it to be quiet, but close enough for it to be convenient. All of the wooden chalets look out onto Zwegabin Mountain, with the rooms towards the back boasting the best views. The interior decoration is […]


Food and Drink: STOP PRESS, Port Autonomy has reopened!

For those of you that didn’t get the chance to read Tour Mandalay’s previous review, the Port Autonomy team opened up their first ‘pop-up’ restaurant in November last year (2014). As a result of rental complications, the dream at Lanthit Jetty was short lived and the restaurant was forced to close its doors early in February. If you […]


Myanmar in Focus: Ngwe Saung

Recently Tour Mandalay inspected Ngwe Saung, a relatively undeveloped beach destination, located approximately 5-6 hours from Yangon by car (it is possible to make it in less, but this will very much depend on traffic and fog conditions). Here is a selection of photographs, which we think help to show off some of Ngwe Saung’s […]


Food and drink: Sprouts, Yangon

Located along Yaw Min Gyi Street, approximately 1km away from the Park Royal Hotel, the recently opened Sprouts has quickly positioned itself as one of the healthiest dining options in town. Assuming that you will be walking from the Park Royal, you will find the entrance to Sprouts tucked away on the right hand side in […]


Food and drink: Haru, Yangon

Located on the outskirts of Golden Valley, Haru is a recent addition to Yangon’s popular yakiniku bbq scene. The term yakiniku translates as ‘grilled meat’ in Japanese and whilst this doesn’t apply to all restaurants, it usually means that you will order the meat from a menu and cook it yourself using a gas or charcoal griddle. […]


Myanmar in Focus: Moeyungyi

‘Myanmar in Focus’ is a new section of the Tour Mandalay website, dedicated to documenting images captured by our Myanmar Specialists in the field. Hopefully this will help you to keep abreast of what’s going on, whilst providing ideas and inspiration for your future travel plans. Our first destination is Moeyungyi, a water storage facility built by the British […]

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