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Rangoon Tea House – a lunch experience not to be missed!

Located on the lower block of Pansodan Road, the Rangoon Tea House is a must for anyone looking to experience a typical tea house menu in a comfortable, yet authentic setting. Even though the interior feels slightly modern in style, the carefully restored space is reminiscent of the grand tea houses you would have found in Yangon during […]


A true ‘Scotch’ experience

As a result of British influence under the colonial rule, Whisky has now become one of the nation’s most popular drinks – so much so that you will notice Grand Royal signage (Myanmar’s number one Whisky brand) on almost every tea house and beer station around the country. Knowing this should hopefully provide you with […]


Port Autonomy ‘pop-up’ experience

Fancy dining somewhere a little bit different this evening? Well, look no further than Port Autonomy, a restaurant created by the TS1 pop-up project, who, to quote their own mission statement, “aim to spearhead urban renewal and cultural exchange in a city on the verge of unprecedented change.” Located in Transit Shed No 1, close […]