News: Golden Rock renovation work

Dear travellers,

We’ve just caught wind that restoration work will be carried out on the Golden Rock as early as February 17th. There’s a good chance it may start before that, or even after, but this is the most consistent date we’ve been provided after calling around.

It was last restored back in 2013 and the photograph below gives you an idea of what the pilgrimage site will look like when covered in bamboo scaffolding.

golden-rock restoration

The Golden Rock, as it appeared under renovation, back in 2013

Ideally we would have liked to have informed you of this sooner, but the announcement to start has only just been made. All being well, it will be completed by the end of March.

Appreciate the decision to do this now is not ideal, but it’s important to stress that it will always be a pilgrimage site before a tourist attraction. Many devout Buddhists will still flock to the site regardless and we hope travellers will appreciate it more for this than snapping that perfect picture.

Apologies in advance for any inconvenience this work will cause.

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