RT special: Eau Mandalay

Tour Mandalay recently paid a visit to Eau Mandalay Water Factory, located in Shwenantha on the outskirts of Yangon. The factory was established in 1999 and its production technology is based on Belgian-German solutions.

​The factory provides employment opportunities to 25 people, who are all inhabitants of the nearby villages. Whilst the company is now trading profitably enough to invest in an automated assembly line, in turn making the process more efficient, doing so would mean letting go off the dedicated staff that have worked for Eau Mandalay for almost two decades.

​That is why most of the production process is completed manually. Machines are used only when necessary.

Each day one thousand 20 litre, five hundred one litre and six hundred 0.6 litre bottles are produced.

​​All of this is carried out without compromising on the strict quality and hygiene standards set out by the Ministry of Health. Eau Mandalay is also the water of choice for some top providers in the Myanmar tourism and F&B industry. Some notable names include the Strand Hotel and Le Planteur Restaurant.

​Anyone that travels with Tour Mandalay will be sure to receive a complimentary bottle of Eau Mandalay at some point on their trip.

​By choosing to use Tour Mandalay’s services you are at the same time supporting the local community and helping to provide jobs to the Myanmar people.


Thanks for your support.

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